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Aimeijia project information


On Sep. 12 Degao machinery proceed trial production of 8 colors rotary screen and gravure integrated foaming wallpaper production line which purchased by Ningbo Aimeijia Company in Xi’an factory.

DGE series of new rotary screen and gravure integrated machine is characterized by rotary screen, gravure, and deep embossing version embossing and multi process combination. The machine is fully servo controlled. It can realize high speed printing, accurate overprint, sleeve pressure, easy operation and stable operation. User representative is very satisfied with the performance stable printing of the first time equipment running, easy to operate, and do not have wrong registration when speed up and down. The paper and paste of this trial printing are sponsored by the "Ahlstrom-east star joint technical center". The stability performance of raw materials also provides good conditions for the smooth acceptance of this trial.

One-time successful testing-run of Aimeijia project reflects the electrical and mechanical manufacturing and control level of Degao company, Degao company will continue to provide more stable, higher efficiency, more complete production line to the wallpaper industry, develop and growing together with the partners.



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